We support the following:

  • Android 7 and up
  • iOS 14 and up
  • Trading experience isn't optimal on tablets and devices with widths lower than 375px


Mobile Trading Platform does not support 100% of the features offered in Web Trading Station and supported features may vary depending on device type and Mobile operating system.

Mobile Trading Platform device support is based primarily on operating system version. It may be possible for newer devices with unsupported operating systems to use the Mobile application, but they should not be considered supported configurations until the operating system version is listed as officially supported.

Mobile Trading Platform does not individually certify carrier / model / OS combinations. If device is considered as supported based on the requirements above and there is a compatibility problem, we will investigate the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

How to use the Mobile Trading Platform:

Go to trader.iforex.eu from your smart phone or tablet and use your login details to start trading.

*Mobile devices that are not supported (such as BlackBerry) will be redirected to the current iFOREX Europe Web Platform.